Why do I play piano? And why should you and/or your child?

1/ Piano and guitar are the only instruments where you can play both the melody and the harmony at the same time WITHOUT any accompaniment from another instrument. You can play just one note or ten at any one time. You are the whole band.

2/ Playing music helps us create a “world” and enter it because it is a creative pursuit.

3/ Piano is the easiest instrument to start on because it is painless and you can play sitting down, all relaxed. You press a key and a sound comes out. In your first lesson you will already play a tune. With guitar, violin, trumpet or any other instrument, you can press or blow very hard and the sound will still be wrong-sounding and even unpleasant because it takes months or years to master a technique, not to mention calloused and burning fingertips from pressing down on guitar strings, twisted neck and bruised jaw from clamping a violin, drooling lips and aching cheeks from blowing a trumpet incorrectly, bad back from clutching a cello and so on.

4/ When we play piano we play with our mind, not our fingers. It is a total mental skill, a coordination of the senses and the physical self, a feat.

5/ Music is a social skill. Those who play are happier and more sociable than those who don’t. There are plenty of opportunities to meet and play with others to make even more music.

6/ Music is an academic building block. Those who can play do better at school.

7/ Performing music boosts confidence which is the key to success in life.

8/ Music builds passion, joie de vivre and a sense of well-being.

9/ Music is fun.

10/ It is so much fun I have to go and do it right now rather than sit down and type this blog post.