“My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons. Ivy was able to take her as a complete novice and quickly give her the skills and confidence to play. Ivy’s tailored approach and willingness to adapt the lessons to each individual child’s particular preferences of music make the lessons both enjoyable and constructive.” – Anna Bourget (Dede’s mum)

“Ivy is a patient and thoughtful teacher who has encouraged my 6 year old to play and even more importantly, enjoy playing. She has the knack of connecting and encouraging which really makes a difference to how he has approached his playing.” – Jo D”Souza (Pasha’s mum)

“My daughter started playing piano with Ivy in January this year and we have found Ivy to be a wonderful teacher.  Emily has progressed incredibly quickly and can sight read quite complicated pieces as well as playing a great number of short pieces.  What I have particularly liked is that Ivy works on different pieces of music most weeks so it keeps a real variety to what is being taught and the emphasis is most definitely on getting enjoyment from the music, not just about working towards grades.  I would say that Ivy’s method of teaching is very helpful for a child as it is interesting for them and they can actually hear that they are playing a recognisable tune very early on.  Emily is working towards her grade I piano exam and I am sure with Ivy’s teaching she will continue to enjoy playing the piano for the foreseeable future.” – Emma Newell (Emily’s mum)

“I would highly recommend Ivy as a piano teacher. I am an adult learner and when I started with Ivy I has not played piano for 26 years! Before starting, I was nervous about becoming a ‘student’ again and playing in front of someone but Ivy put me at ease from the start so this was never an issue.  The lessons are always fun and well planned. Ivy moves forward each week at a speed that is comfortable for me but also gives me a sense of achievement – the perfect balance.”  – Cissy Cook (www.cissycookdesigns.co.uk)

“Ivy is a wonderful teacher – she’s skilful, very encouraging and a great communicator.   I’ve just returned to piano lessons as an adult after learning as a child and my confidence and technique are improving every week.  My children are also taking lessons and making great progress.” – Emma Bowman

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