Getting Ready for Ova Acting

Leaving house: Getting Ready for Ova Acting

Getting my confidence back

After a long period of not gigging, I found myself agreeing to gigging something like three or four months ago. It’s a gig, right? What is the point of being a musician? You gotta say yes to a gig. Plus one that was for a good cause, my dear friend Penny Faith’s charity Ova Act, for Ovarian Cancer which she had suffered last year and had recovered from after a gruelling period of treatment and recovery.

I was to have my own period of treatment and recovery. It was nerve-wracking but hormones kept me going (adrenalin, cortisol, endorphins etc). Who needs a gym, eh? Not to mention medication: paracetamol, alcohol.


Satsuma is my stage name  and persona, this time as a solo artist. When I first stepped onto stage after a long absence, I felt an intense chill down my spine followed by numbness in lower body half. Just like having an epidural. Instead of childbirth though, I delivered my songs.

I was upstaged only by my competitors, singing birds, you may notice this on the recording. But what the heck, it’s live and it’s outdoors, plus no sound engineers to help me mix.

I decided to only play my original songs as the whole purpose was to sell the Satsuma CDs so as to donate the money. All proceeds from CD sales that night were donated to the Ova Act charity.

So many thanks

Many thanks to Penny for giving me the one opportunity, and all others who were involved, too many to mention. You guys rock! Thanks to Rosi Garcia del Rio who provided me map reading, companionship, equipment loading and unloading, to the venue and back and some intermittent filming on her iPhone. She also helped me sell CDs. If you guys need a sales person, get in touch! She should be in retail! She can sell anything.

Satsuma performing solo and live:


‘My Living Room’

”Music Man’



Ready to Ova Act

Ready to Ova Act