6 Tips on How to Practise Piano the Quick Way (Strictly for Adults!)

1. Only work out the Difficult Bits (DBs)* and practise those one bar at a time. Very slowly. The rate of one note per second is good. Don’t rush things and don’t do it fast.  Playing slow builds confidence. Don’t play from the beginning and waste time. That would be practising piano the slow way.

2. Repeat and repeat the DBs until perfect. Maximum time allowed: 10 minutes. If you don’t get it right within 10 minutes, practise with separate hands. Very slowly.

3. Every time you get it right, reward yourself with something edible and quick. Chocolate, drink, etc.

4. If you practise with separate hands and you still cannot get it right, give up and come back later or play something else.

5. If you come back later and you still cannot play the DBs correctly, don’t play from the beginning. Unless you have a deadline, stop for a day, a week, a month, however long it takes for you to recover. If you have a deadline, repeat step 1 above. Don’t worry, your fingers will take over. Muscle memory will erase what your brain is telling you to do and you will perfect it with patience and time!

6. When the DBs are perfect, put them back into the whole piece and play it from the beginning. Music is like cooking. When all the ingredients are prepared, then only you assemble it. So put it all together. When it sounds and plays so seamlessly like a beautiful, delicious and fresh dish, people will wonder – “WOW! How did you do that???” But of course, you won’t tell them the 6 steps above, that is our secret.

*DBs  = a Satsuma original term of endearment.