Published on April 27, 2016, by Ivy Ngeow in Guitar playing.

This is my friend Ray from Australia playing Asturias or Leyenda on classical Spanish guitar. He comes about once a year and it’s become a tradition that we record something musical each trip. This was done in one take.

Published on April 27, 2016, by Ivy Ngeow in Gorillaz.

I hope you don’t mind. Strictly speaking I must be on a roll as this the second Gorillaz tutorial this week. I am excited. This is super easy. You could do it in a few minutes. There are only two chords. If you have a rapper, you could jam for ages. Bye for now. Leave me your feedback and comments. I love to hear from you all. Enjoy this tuneful tune with great chords albeit just two.


This tute is broken down into sections and proper arrangement. Now all you need is a rapper!
Thank you everyone for your patience. I know, I know. You waited so long. I was terribly busy with my paid projects and I did not have the chance until now. You know I am not selling anything. So YouTubing is “me” time, free time. Enjoy. Please subscribe, please comment. I love hearing from you all. See you back here real soon. Have fun.

Here is the cover I did way back when (April 2013)


From a live jam recording at the end of August with my friend Rob/Ray from Sydney, Australia.
Thanks to Youtubeeditor for purple flowers footage and bk-vids for natural red roses footage.
Other clips are by me.


Warning this is mildly jazzy! If you don’t like chord substitutions look away now.


This is the tutorial of the cover here:

TIP#1 Don’t worry about screwing up. It’s jazz, right? Tip #2 You can experiment and you don’t have to follow my arrangement!